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If I ask you, what is the definition of success for you? 

What will be your answer?

For some it may to be rich, to be famous, or to have a remarkable career. Others equate success with being a devoted parent or supportive faithful partner. Then there are some for whom it is a success just to be, to live simply without lofty goals. 

Many people look successful on the outside: millionaires, film stars, models, and other celebrity-types. So why do some or even many of these successful people end up being depressed, drug-addicted or suicidal? 

There is a simple reason for this. Success that is based on the pursuit of only one single aspect of life, such as money or fame, is unbalanced. Only a fully balanced life, can lead to real, lasting, authentic, deeply rooted success. 

This is what Franz-philippe, the author of the book "Power start" believes. He believes, there are 8 essentials for success. In order to lead a fulfilled life, he have found it is important to be focused, aligned, and balanced. 

This means physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual alignment and balance by incorporating each of the eight Essentials. 

So without any further delay, let's see what are these 8 essentials for success,

Essential #1:Body

Our body is the only medium through which we can take some physical action. And without any physical action, none of the outer world success can be achieved.

 There are actually a very few things that we need to take a good care of, to maintain a healthy body.

 1)  is oxygen intake.

We cannot live even a few minutes without having oxygen. But sadly, due to pollution as well as for our poor breathing style, day by day we are intaking lesser amount of oxygen than the actual need. So we need to work on to improve our breathing for better oxygen supply. For that, we have to do one or more breathing exercises regularly in the morning.

 2) is water. 

Our body is made up of about 60-75 percent of water. We need to drink at least 2.5 lit of water everyday to replace the everyday's loss of water from our body. The best way to have a power start for a day is to simply drink minimum 0.5 lit of water, right after waking up in the morning. 

3) is balance diet.


 A balanced healthy diet basically means Less sugar, No sodas, No artificial sweeteners, No industrially processed foods, Not too much caffeine and more vegetables. 

Essential #2: Motion

Here motoin consist of physical and mental motoin. And the most important aspect of motion is flexibility. Flexibility of the mind means you are open to new experiences, new ideas, and new approaches. 

It allows you to think outside of the box, so to speak. And In order to do that, you have to challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone. The wider your comfort zone, the greater your mental flexibility.

 In order to increase that flexibility, you need to stretch your mental comfort zone. This is the key to personal growth. Motion is equal to action. Through motion, we bridge our inner and outer worlds, we move from point A to point B, and we move from where we are today to where our goals are. 

In short, motion moves us from who we are today to who we want to be tomorrow. For this our body needs to move. Our modern world requires a high proportion of sitting, which can lead to physical degeneration and illness. 

As the author said, Sitting excessively has become the new smoking. Motion in this context is not only about exercising and working out; it is really about general continuous motion, such as getting up from your chair, walking around your home or the office, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, and walking wherever possible.

This type of movement increases blood flow and the oxygenation of every cell in your body and activates your lymphatic system. 

For those who don't know what lymphatic system is, the lymphatic system plays an essential role in maintaining overall immune health and our detoxification system.

Essential #3: Environment

Our outer world is a representation of our inner world. We are influenced by our environment. Those things that we see, hear, or experience in our outer world become our standard, our normal. 

This affects our behavior, our habits, our attitudes, and our values and is a mid-to-long-term influence. We are redirected by our environment. This redirection can be positive, or negative. This redirection is happening continuously and represents a short-term effect of our environment on our inner world.

These impacts are not a one-way street but work bi-directionally. This is good news! It means that although the environment has an undeniable impact on us, we can have an impact on our environment as well.

 As an example of this, consider the people you normally spend time with on a regular basis. You have something in common with these people, similar incomes, perhaps, or similar values and life principles, similar energy levels and attitudes like positive and negative about life. 

People, like many plants, cross-pollinate each other with positive and negative energy. Just by virtue of spending time in close proximity to someone, you are in a position to take on their negative energy or positive energy, and yours exudes an influence on them as well. 

Visibility can also lead to focus if employed correctly. There is a saying "out of sight, out of mind" but it can be reversed into something "positive into sight, positive into mind". 

This is why maybe we indian people have so many photographs of our gods hanging on our room's wall. 

Essential #4: Self Reflection

Self-reflection is about identifying who you are and who you want to be, where you are and where you want to go, what your values are, what your limiting beliefs are, and which habits are running your life.

 This may seem a tall list, but at its core, self reflection is quite simple: it is about gaining clarity.

 As such, it is an integral part of our personal feedback cycle. To illustrate, consider how difficult it would be to perform your job well and continually improve your performance if you never received feedback of any kind on how you are doing. 

Perhaps you spent a week preparing a report or constructing a budget, and you never heard if it was sufficient, exemplary, or lacking.

 How would you know how to prepare the next report or budget?

Would you do things the same way, differently, or even perhaps put less effort into your work? 

It would be quite difficult to know how to proceed in the future, wouldnt it? 

The same applies when we talk about personal development. You can only improve with feedback, and one of the most valuable, insightful, and real-time sources of feedback comes from within in the form of self reflection.

 Listening to your inner voice and spending time in self reflection prevents you from doing the same thing repeatedly in the same way, getting the same results you have always gotten, and never progressing beyond the cycle of your current day-to-day way of life. 

For any journey, you need to know at least two points, the starting point (A) and the destination (B)

This also applies to your life. You may have heard the quote before, "Life isnt about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself". Sit down somewhere comfortable with a pencil and a notepad or with your laptop. 

15 sec..

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