How To Choose Your Career By Sandeep Maheshwari FAN in English- Task4B2B

In case of going for a 7days trip we started to plan before 1 month. Now imagine if you have to go for a 30 years long trip, then how much time you should consider to plan for that trip?

From the age of 25 to 55, you have to do a work daily for more than 6 to 8 hours. That means, you have to spend 1/4th of your life by doing that work.

Now if that work happens to be something like that after doing it for 5 minutes you want to commit suicide, then what could be worst than this in your life?

Whenever we talk about choosing a career, we give importance to two things mainly,

1. Monthly income

2. What will people say.

Whereas actually the most important thing to be consider should be whether we have interest in that work or not.

And interestingly this is the thing that we ignore most.

So why we do this?

Because whenever we think about our interest in case of choosing our career the first thing that pops up into our mind is, how much will I earn monthly?

And what if I get failed into it?

This two fears become our barrier. On the other hand, if we totally ignore our interest and start doing just like any kind of work, then after some time we start to become frustrated, which effects our relationships, our health and overall decreases the quality of our life.

So in both the cases there are some problems.

So what should we do?

So here we have 3 tasks

1. Find Out Our Interest

2. Minimize The Chance Of Failure

3. Ensure a Secure Monthly Income

So opportunity of all, to fund wit and interest whet we need to do this cap traing new things. At last anew new thing in a month, intel u fund wit were iktal interest

Yet Cold Bay Photography Var Cooking Var May Bay Even Accounting. Just by sitting somewhere or by giving some online test, it is never possible to find out the actual interest.

Only when we try something by our own hands, we can know whether we actually have interest in that or not.

There are some works which seems interesting at first but after doing it for some days it starts to seem boring.

So, in anyway you have to continue a work for at least one month and you need to keep noticing whether the interest in that work is growing up or growing down day by day.

If there was an agreement, you would be under the agreement.

If you find out your interest following this way, then great because if you have genuine interest in some work then it will be easy for you to concentrate on that work and as a result you will practice more and more with ease and for this your skill will be rapidly improving.

And if you were a goth talent, they would be scooped up for you for surrey. Then you just need to keep your practice going on and you will need to stay alert to identify and use the right opportunity at the right time.

In case you don't know in what your interest is or you are still searching for it, then to choose right career you just need to consider only one thing that is your concentration power.

If your concentration power is very high, that means if you can hold your concentration in such things for long time where even you don't have any interest like studying then you can go for highly competitive fields like IIT or IIM or Medical Field.

But if your concentration power is mediocre, means you may not study for long hours continuously but you can study a little bit, then you should choose a low competitive field and start to do smart work there.

Now what is it mean by smart work?

Smart work mans whatod you are dong, you howe,

1. Complete understanding of that work

2. Developing a good communication skill 

3. Learning about different marketing strategies

Let's help you with 3 things you need to take your work to the next level. If you have clear understanding of what you are doing then you will know how that work is actually being done.

What your clients want from you, can you make your services better. If you can develop a great communication skill then it will become a easy task for you to convince your customer to buy your products.

And if you know very well about the different marketing strategies then you can reach out your products to maximum number of clients.

Then you will know how things are sold over the Internet. How to advertise in the social media. There is no upper limit to your growth.

Now if I sum up the whole post, to find the right career for you first of all you need to find out your strength or interest.

But if you cannot find your interest then you need to consider your concentration power.

If you have high concentration power only then you should go for a highly competitive field, otherwise you should choose a low competitive field and start doing smart work there.

You will have a chance to become successful in your career. I have learnt these things from Sandeep Maheshwari how to choose your career session.

If you know Urdu very well and still haven't watched the post yet then you can watch the post by following the link given below in the description.

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