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When we talk in our mind, that's called thinking, and when we talk in our mind about many useless things by all day, that's called overthinking.

Now what are these useless things? 

These are all those thoughts which has no meanings, in real life there is no good use of these thoughts besides sometimes it may harmful also.

Like, the night before the result out day, we keep thinking about the result. Although we know just by thinking about the result we can not change it. that had already decided.

Nothing can be done now. when we think about something where we've nothing to do in present , that thinking is called overthinking.

Also if we think about something where we could make some changes, that is called useful thinking. which is really helpful.

 1) Take An Example

You are trying to solve a math problem, firstly you've to think which formula can be useful here.

This is thinking. but , after submitting the math paper you are thinking whether you have done the math right or wrong, this is called over thinking.

I expect till now I am pretty clear about thinking and overthinking. 

Now let's see how to overcome from overthinking. firstly, you've to be aware about what you're talking with yourself into your mind.

Because most of the time we don't notice this.

When we talk to somebody we pay attention but, while talking to our self? we talk about all the rubbish, without any hesitation, because we think that this is not at all a problem and the fact is, this is the main problem.

And for this, we're never aware about what we are talking to ourselves.

First we start with thinking about what should I have in lunch today, then suddenly start to think about the food-pic uploaded by cut pie in Facebook and from there we start to think about Facebook, then this leads us to choose which movie to watch today and so on.

 the main fact is we don't even know what we're talking about in our mind all the time. Now, to stop this, first of all we must be aware, about what we're talking

 2) Deep Realization

Deep realization about what? deep realization about all the facts that I told you just. That is, thinking is good but, overthinking is useless, sometimes harmful.

. this harms our concentration power. decrease our energy, effect our health, we think about all rubbish instead of sleeping. we've to clear the fact that, overthinking is useless, without any doubt.

If there is any small doubt in you about the uselessness of overthinking, then you can never escape from overthinking. 

3) Suppose You Are Instructed To Hung

You realize you've to put a nail on the wall, then you've to hang that picture. but, you need a hammer to put that nail into the wall.

Just like that you might have already figured out that overthinking is useless but now to make this understanding work you need something like that hammer. 

I've a tool for this.

And that tool is a mantra. 

Don't worry it's not any Sanskrit mantra, 

It's just a normal English mantra,

That is "overthinking is useless" the time you'll realize you're overthinking,

And you will be unable to stop it, then just use this mantra "overthinking is useless" "overthinking is useless" "overthinking is useless" "overthinking is useless" keep chattering this mantra continuously for 1 min and see the magic. 

Actually it has become our habit to keep talking in our mind by all day so it'll be hard to stop this strong habit just by one chance.

But, as we can think about only one thing at a time, So , if we replace the overthinking with this mantra "overthinking is useless" then we can become aware about that and it will help us to overcome overthinking.

Try this now on your own and comment below,

Whether this smart idea is effective or not ?

To come out from overthinking one more thing you've to realize deeply that is, in this whole world you can control only one thing, that is your actions.

Except this, anyone's thought, anyone's action, this country's future , nothing can be controlled by you. But, yes, your actions can make an impact on this things indirectly.

But directly, you've no control on these things. sometimes, if we get mistreated by someone we start to think non stop, why that person did that with me? Why that person is like that? these are totally useless.

 because you've no control on them, you can't change them, you can only change yourself , which may lead that person to change himself too, but there is no guarantee as you've no direct control on it.

You've to realize this game deeply without any doubt, only this realization can help you escape from overthinking.

So , let's again recap from the first, what to do to escape from overthinking--- 

1.  Be aware about overthinking.

2.  Realize deeply that, overthinking is useless and sometime harmful.

3.  Realize deeply, in this world you can control your actions only.

As henry ford says, "thinking without constructive action becomes a disease " if you want to know more about this, you can buy the book "how to stop worrying and start living" from the link given below in the description. 

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