Top 4 Idea How To Save Money- Task4B2B

If I ask you, how much money you spent last month, 90% chances are probably you can't give a correct answer to that.

If in the bottom of a large ship there is even a small hole, that huge ship could also be submerged in the water. If you do not look at your bad expenses, then you may have to face many problems because of this.

And the best way to look at your expenses is to record them all somewhere in one place. To make it simple you can use your smart phone also. 

Because your smart phone is your current all-time companion, there is an app named money, its link is given in the description.

 Using this app you can easily enter any of your expenses according to the category.

 As a result, at the end of the month when you will see 20% or more of your income has been spent just for the things that are not really needed, then you will become conscious about it, otherwise, you will never know how much money every month you are spending on those bad expenses, and as a result you will never become aware about this thing.


Smart Idea 1: Record Your Expenses

The biggest obstacle in saving money is to identify the bad expenses, and even after identifying it, you have to stop yourself from spending over them. 

The technique that can help you in this case is ask and wait. Due to advertisements, or to grab some discount offer we often buy those things that we did not really need to be true.

So when you are buying something that confuses you, that maybe it will cost you a bad deal, then you have to follow two things before buying that item, 1st step- ask- Ask yourself whether you really need to buy it, Or are you going to buy the item without no reason or maybe just to show off?

If the answer you get is no, you do not really need that item, then there is no need to buy that item, But if the answer comes is yes, then come to the next step that is wait.

Wait for 3 days and then again ask yourself the same question, do I really need to buy this item?

Again if the answer come yes then you it is sure you really need that item.

Go ahead and buy it.


Smart Idea 2: Ask & Wait According To a Survey

56% of people do not exclude any money as an emergency fund. But once again in every person's life financial emergency arises for at least one in a lifetime, whether it is due to losing a job or emergency.

So the finance experts always suggests we should always keep a minimum of 6 months of living expenses aside for an emergency fund. So that, we never break down due to stress and anxiety, in any circumstances of life.

 And we should keep this emergency money in a separate bank account, which will have nothing to do with debit or credit card. 

So that we do not put our hand on the money except the real emergency.

 So if you are one of the 56% people, then I would like to suggest you to open a new bank account today and by making a cost-effective plan, gradually keep aside your 6 months living expenses in that bank account. 

It will help you the most in the worst time of your life. Because when you will not be able to do any work, your savings will work for you.


Smart Idea 3: Save Money

Money will save you Many of us think about saving money somewhat like that, We should keep all the expenses of the month and then save the money that will survive. But one of the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffet, said exactly suggests the opposite. 

According to him, we should first save money, and then spend the remaining money. We should first pay ourselves first and then others.

 So, after getting the salary, the first job is to leave at least 10% of salary on the savings fund. Then, putting aside at least 10% of the salary in the investment fund, the money should be utilized for our investment to understand the exact time and the right opportunity. 

With the remaining 80%, we should manage all the expenses of the month. To do this correctly, you must first record all your expenses at least one month. 

Then plan accordingly, excluding all the bad costs, you can save just 10% of your salary or save more. At the beginning of the month like this, the percentage will be saved separately by saving.

 And now almost every bank has a faculty of automatic deduction, which is also called recurring deposit.

Once it's started in your account, you do not have to do anything yourself, each month, deductions from your account will be deducted automatically and saved separately.


Smart Idea 4: Save First, Spend Later

Save first, spend later These ideas came from George Clawson's book "The richest man in Babylon", so if you want to know more about this, I would request you at least once to read this book. 

You can buy this book from the link provided below.

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