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A bat and a ball cost 1 rupee 10 pasar The cost of the bat is 1 rupee more than the ball How much is the ball Stop the post.

If your answer is 10 pasar then sorry Your answer is wrong Because the correct answer is worth a ball 5 passers read the question carefully once more don't rush take your time and try to find the answer again have you caught your mistake ok let me help you the question says Now, if the price of a ball is 10 paise, then the price of the bat should be one rupee more than the price of the bat.

Is equal but the question says that a bad and ball is worth Rs 1 10 pasers so the answer 10 pas is wrong only if the ball costs 5 pas the bat costs 1 rupees 5 pasers then a The cost of bat and ball is 1 rupee 5 passer plus 5 passer 1 rupee 10 passer so 5 passer.

Correct Answer Are you wondering how I could forget this simple mat?

The problem is that we often make similar mistakes while making decisions in our daily life,

So what is the solution to this life problem,

Why we make wrong decisions and how to reduce it, I am going to share with you.

I am post from the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman

Smart Idea #1: Our Mind Loves Being Lazy 

Be Slow Our brain can make decisions in two ways, using either System 1 or System 2. System 1 is suitable for making quick decisions, for example you hear a loud horn and jump as you start to cross the road.

System 1: Back off the road to use our brains to think faster .

System 2: Is suitable for making slow decisions by carefully considering all aspects,

For example looking at the traffic light before crossing the road and then looking both ways to make sure it is now safe to cross the road.

Our brain uses system 2 to think slowly when we start crossing the road. I hope the example of crossing the road has made it clear to you that sometimes System 1 happens depending on the situation.

System 2 at appropriate and other times.

If a car suddenly comes in front of you, your brain uses System 2 to make a decision, so the car will run over you before you decide to move, but you can use System 2 to stop it. should be used.

Pull over before you start crossing the road or you'll be hit by a car, but the sad news is that our brain likes to slow down because it takes less effort to use system 1, so most of the time Our brain tries to use system 1.

Every solve math problem I shared with you at the beginning of this post looks so easy that your lazy mind tries to find the answer in one second using system 1 but here system Should have used 2 because I didn't tell.

You are in a hurry but your lazy brain doesn't want to put up so it tries to avoid cooking as much as possible but the good news is that if we want to we can force our brain to use system 2 but To do this we need to be aware all the time so that your brain uses both systems appropriately according to the situation.

Smart Idea #2: Free Will Is Just An Illusion

Notice now fill in the blank So dash P did You Sa soup now look at this picture carefully now fill in the blank so dash P did you say soap prime effect says that our every thought and action is decided by some incident.

How does word rate increase?

Or sometimes you suddenly start humming an old song, you think you do it for no particular reason or completely on your own, when in fact you may have been humming another song moments ago or He was walking somewhere.

And you either listened to it without paying attention or something happened a few moments ago that triggered the memory of that song in your mind and you suddenly hum that song.

I wonder if this big brand are Well why do they keep playing the same ad over and over again on TV but after learning about prime effect I got my answer that suppose you watch TV all day and after every 15 minutes xyz company hand wash The ad is being shown to you.

Now the next day you go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper to give you hand wash. If the shopkeeper asks you which company's handwash you want, the first thing that comes to your mind is xyz handwash and then You will use the system.

1 To decide what we often do you ask the salesperson to wash your hands of xyz company because the author says that one of the most reliable ways to make people believe a lie is to repeat it over and over because familiarity with the truth.

Cannot be easily distinguished and organizations and marketers are always aware of this fact. If you want to know more in detail, you can order this book on Fast and Slow Thinking by Daniel Kahneman by visiting the link below.

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