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Let's try to feel unhappy for the next five seconds without saying or thinking anything in your head [MUSIC] What happens is you can feel anything so to be unhappy you have to say something in your head like oh gosh I'm so Sounds bad or maybe what's going on in my life it's impossible to be unhappy without saying something.

Can anyone do this for any period of time?

There is room for unhappiness in your life but how is it possible that I am going to be 10% happier than Dan Harris's book in this post with you.

Smart Idea #1: Your Ego Is Your Worst Enemy

We think of ego as selfishness or self-pride, but in this book, Dan Harris says that ego is the voice in our head. That we keep saying in our mind all day.

From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, this broken tape recorder keeps playing in our brains.

That suddenly the ego says why am I sitting still and getting bored Let's scroll through Facebook and you immediately pick up your phone or after returning home from office in the evening you are not physically tired but your ego.

Says why am I feeling tired today I should leave him. Jim the new web series is also going to release today I have to watch it this evening and you choose to be a couch owl if I tell you to check your Facebook account immediately you will be the first to judge.

You will ask why I am asking you to do what I intend to do whether you listen to me or not but if that is what your ego tells you to do immediately without any judgment then that is the problem.

That you have identified yourself with your ego.

Think that your ego is you, so whatever your ego tells you to do, you immediately follow it because you think you are doing what you want, which is just a trap of your ego's illusion.

Think for a while that if you were your ego, deep sleep, when there was no sound at that time, how did you exist, how would you know that you were in a state of deep sleep?

should have died with but at the start of this post the sound died for 5 seconds but you exist so first you have to get yourself out of this mirage of your ego or else if you continue blindly following your stupid crazy ego So no one can save you from being sad and unhappy.

Smart Idea #2: Your Ego Can Never Be Satisfied

If you get 50 likes on your profile picture today, the next time you change your profile picture, your ego expects 60 likes on it.

Next time even if you get 60 likes, do you think your ego will be satisfied for the rest of your life?

No, next time you won't expect 70 likes.

Your ego will cry I think I've become ugly Nobody likes me If your ego gets what it wants it is satisfied for a while Soon it again sets a new higher goal and It becomes impatient to achieve it so when you choose to live with your ego, joy and happiness become rare in your life and sadness becomes these things.

Everyday experience in your life.

Smart Idea #3: Mindfulness Is The Key To Overcome The Illusion Of Your Ego

That you are waiting at the bus stop. That it is not enough in the mind and believe that your ego is you then you will never decide whether you should listen to it and smoke or not but if you know you want to smoke within yourself.

You will be able to decide whether it is good for your body or not. And finally, if you give in to your cravings and start smoking, at least you'll know that you've just given yourself permission to harm your body.

Even after you quit smoking, you won't know the damage you've done. For your body this is the main difference between being aware and being unaware because if you know you are harming your body, you can't continue to do it for long after a while, your awareness.

Power will dominate your desires. Then you will be freed from the illusion of your ego.

Now the fact is that when you are in the illusion of your ego, you never realize that you are harming your body while smoking. is that your ego never lets your consciousness stay.

Talking endlessly about the past or future in the present moment closes your focus on the past or future. What has gone wrong is that you become completely unaware of the right to smoke.

Now being unaware of the present you continue to smoke, so the more you keep your awareness in the present moment the more your ego weakens and you become free from the illusion of your ego as Author Dan Harris says in this book.

When you have one foot in the future and the other in the past, you piss on the present. If you want, you can make this book 10 percent happier by Dan Harris.

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