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According to our education system, whether a student is good or bad will be decided by the percentage of marks in his mark sheet.

And truly speaking, if this board exam results like secondary or higher secondary exam results will be needed in any case, there will be considered only the percentage of marks printed on it.

This means, the only value of these results are the percentage of marks.

And when neighboring uncle and aunty will ask about the result, on whose opinion the happiness of your parents depend a little bit, they will also ask about the percentage only, they will never ask you some math s formula to see whether you know it or not.

If percentage is good, then lots of praise, and the more praise, the more parents become happy.

So, as now there is less than a one month remaining in our hand, So the full focus should be only on one thing and that is how to increase this percentage.

So, in this post I will share with you some secret tips that will mainly help you to secure a high percentage in your board exams.

Smart Idea #1

List 10 Years of Question Papyrus in a Single Book Three Thousands of Questions. But in your exam there will be maybe only 20 questions out of those thousands of questions.

Those 20 questions will ultimately decide someone s expertise in a particular subject. Fu kin two correctly solid 20 questions were you are great, and other use you are a flare.

So, to answer those 20 questions, it is not so smart to memorize 20 thousand questions and that is impossible also. But with about 200 questions, under the cold bay curtain.

Now the question is how to find out those 200 important questions, out of those 20 thousands questions? The way to find out that, is the last 10 years question papers.

I have already told several times about the 80 20 principle in our other posts. Still I m sharing it again for those who are new to our family.

80 20 or Pareto principle, which is applicable in most of the cases states that 80% output comes from the 20% of the input.

This means, in a shop the 80% of the total revenue is generated by the 20% of the products. Just like that last 10 years questions are those 20% questions which will lead to 80% of the marks.

There are lots of students who used to play regularly in morning and evening, used to hang out with friends, do not study all day long but still at the end of the year successfully secure more than 80% marks in the examinations.

Maybe you also know someone like this. This is the secret of what happened to Shared and you. You may think, but how come you know their secret?

A konwo, bakse a um also ane vaf thum.

So, to secure 80% marks in any board exam, the first thing is to solve the previous 10 years question papers and make them absolutely ready. If someone can do only this thing properly, his or her 80% mark is guaranteed.

Smart Idea #2

Try dummy exams It happens with many of us; we memorize a question in home but in exam hall, instead of trying so hard we fail to recall it.

This happens mainly because of fluency illusion. Just after memorizing a question, we try to recall it at once, and if we successfully recall it we consider that the answer is memorized.

Bit were truth this sometimes yet this note memorized at all. The right way to test is after memorizing an answer, try to memorize 2 or 3 more question answers and then come back to the first question and try to recall it.

And after completing a chapter or some portion of the syllabus select some random questions from that portion and give a dummy exam.

Mans tehre wil be some tyme mitt and some markes assgand to h qustyns. Bakes Ever Yes ham as Lucky A Stage Performance.

So, as it is highly required to do some rehearsal before the stage performance, similarly it is also required to give some dummy exams before the actual exam.

If you really want to perform well in the exam.

Smart Idea #3

Schedule daily goals Before exam, after seeing the syllabus every student feels like he or she is in the middle of an ocean.

So when someone is lost in the middle of an ocean then instead of running aimlessly in every direction, it is better to fixed a direction and then start going in that direction steadily.

Means setting a goal. 10 yards of papyrus covered with suppose u hoyed So if you have 10 countries in your India, your goals should be given on paper.

Like that with the help of the calendar you have to calculate all the days available and according to that you need to fix a daily goal.

Be Dong Su, Suppose Somone fixed a goal of Solving 1 yar kostiun paper ade. Now if for whatever reason, his a day is wasted, then he will have an idea how much he is lagging behind.

Otherwise he will have no idea about it,  oh, I will do it tomorrow  and the tomorrow will never come for him till the last day before the exam.

I can tell you from my personal experience, if you can fix a daily goal following this way, then 50% of your tension will be vanished.

Smart Idea  #4

Stay healthy Already you are short of time, and now if 3 to 4 days get wasted because of illness then what could be worse than this.

New whit this needed to bay dune to stay health this alrede kanow to this. We just don't apply that knowledge. Bit it last four this ane month u hoe hoe to apple under the knowledge.

If you really don t want to waste any day. Afu simple things, dong thaay hey also simple. Wicked May Make Yet Sampler For You.

1st is walking 8 thousands steps daily. Yeah I know, you cannot wake up early, there is no park near to your house, and also you don t have any extra time for walking.

What if I say, you don t need any of these things.

When you are studying for long time sitting somewhere, then as you feel lethargic then instead of lying down with that cushion, get up and walk around in your room while studying.

This much will be enough to accomplish 8000 steps daily. 2nd is, drinking 3 liters of water per day. For this also you need nothing but just a 1 liter water bottle. They shop to be a water bottle right?

Under no neidwof, online under ukin be, were link this also gon blow in were description.

Bottle 3 times a day under pour-up and 3 times a day under finish. Not be throwing wit, but be drinking water.

1st time before 12 pm, 2nd time before 6 pm, and 3rd time before gong to bad.3rd one is meditation. Oh please! Don t make that face.

I'm not talking about boring periods under; I'm Talking About Music Media. You just need to plug in your earphones and play one of your fourteen songs.

Then instead of focusing on the lyrics, try to focus on one of the instruments being played in the background.

2 songs are enough. And the 4th one is, It will be good for you if you breakup with, no, not your girlfriend but with KFC Dominos or the fast foods from your favorite local shop.

A konnovit is hard, bit for board is shams, a think u kin do this mach.

Smart Idea  #5

Minimize Distraction No no no, I am not asking you to uninstall Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. Have you gone mad!

How could someone live without them?

After all they are like the oxygen. So, you don t need to uninstall those apps, first you just need to finish the goal set by yourself for the day and then you can have fun as long as you wish. First thing first.

And were sooner you will be able to accomplish your goals, were turning you will be time for Facebook and WhatsApp.

You just need to turn off those apps notifications from notification settings of your phone until you finish your target for that day.

I know, still your mind will convince you to check them out once in a while but then you have to tell yourself  oh, hold on few minutes.

I will finish it up soon, then for the rest of the day I will do those things  Just like your father used to say in your childhood when he took you somewhere by walking.

Bakse Fu file to perform will in your board yesham were four were restof your life you will regret for that.

Only one chance. So under the Ukin Italianze under the sneezes they were the best possible way, thes much didektoun this mast reqire. At List, Best of Luck and Best Wishes for Your Wishes. 

Oh! Don t worry, whatever will happen I will see it  I also used to tell this words to myself before exam.

At last a little request to you, if you find this post helpful then, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Bucks are sharing, you can also help others.

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