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Hey you're coming to the party tomorrow no sorry bro I'd rather spend some time alone than be apart with so many strangers oh come on what's wrong with you if you're an introvert you might like these things According to Suzanne, author of the book Listen, Antisocial Words Can Embarrass You Many Times in Your Life, Are introverts in our society today like women in the early 19th century.

Was going The latest study on who they really are actually says that 50% of the population has the introvert personality trait but since many introverts are told from the time they are very young that they are like extroverts.

And thus they learn how to do so, but the fact is that they are who they are and in many ways are unable to produce the best of their hearts and minds, baffled the psychologist who all Populated before.

These terms were used in the 1920 until he said that there is no such thing as a pure introvert or a pure extrovert. Such a person would be in an insane asylum if he actually existed.

So people who act like an introvert in most situations we can put them in the introvert category according to the author. The best way to decide if you are an introvert or an extrovert is Ask yourself the question, where do I get my energy from?

If you recharge your batteries by spending some time alone, you are an introvert, but if you are motivated by talking to and enjoying the company of others, you are an extrovert.

It is that we should not consider being an introvert as a weakness because just as there are advantages to being an extrovert, there are also advantages to being an introvert.

Their strengths are different Extroverts are born with an outgoing personality Number They make friends easily Number Two They can speak confidently in front of large audiences Number Three They are quick to learn about something As you can imagine, introverts have their own strengths.

Number one introverts can stay focused on one thing for a long time. For example, a famous introvert says that Albert Einstein once said, "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I'm more Introverts are the second-ranked introverts.

For more creative examples, JK Rowling, Harry Potter author Steve Wozniak, who invented the first Apple computer, and all of our favorite music composers, including Aaron Man, are number three.

Introverts have few relationships. But those relationships were deeper. And meaningfully, I'm sure you've realized by now that if you're an introvert type of person, this post will be one.

The most important post of your life and if you want to be the next extrovert then this post is also going to be really helpful for you because half of us are introverts so maybe your close friend or One of your office colleagues or maybe your life partner is an introvert type of person so this post will help you a lot to bring out the best in them so let's see some of the best smart ideas from this work Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook and Sheryl Sandberg.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook who runs so much of Facebook together, is a famous introvert, and he apparently hired Sheryl Sandberg because he knew she liked to focus deeply on strategy.

Does and she needs someone who can balance her and who likes her.

Equality people tend to focus more on everything else and thus they both have separate spears but they come together they respect each other and it really works for them so the author believes that Introvert and extrovert yin yang people alike can achieve great things if they work together and respect each other.

 Smart Idea #1: Introverts and Extroverts Like Yin and Yang

We think that introverts and brilliance are the same thing, but it's not really Chinese when someone imagines that others will laugh at him or think he's a fool and that's why he stops himself.

But introversion means when you naturally prefer a fairly peaceful environment. For example, suppose there is a meeting where everyone is giving their opinions one after the other.

This type of stimulating environment favors introverts. makes them anxious because in such an environment they cannot think with their full potential.

They can think while they are talking, but introverts need to be quiet for a while to think properly. Now suppose a five-minute break is given and everyone is instructed not to talk to each other. Instead, write your own opinion in the front of the paper.

They believe that in this five minutes when everyone will be quiet, even an introvert will be able to think and write properly.

Write your opinion on paper Now if someone is a shy person he will not tell everyone what he wrote on paper because he will think that everyone will laugh at him but an introvert person will tell everyone what he wrote on paper.

It is written. This is the difference between shame and confusion.

Smart Idea #2: Introversion and Shyness Are Two Different Things

An interesting study by psychologist Russell found that he gave groups of introverts and extroverts math problems in different levels of background noise and when those who were doing the math problems They found that introverts perform better.

When the noise level was reduced and extroverts performed better when the noise level was high, this research tells us that each of us needs very different types of environments to function optimally.

Occurs when extroverts perform well when there is a lot of stimulation in their environment, but introverts perform better.

When the environment is low on motivation, but everywhere in today's global schools, the environment supports extroverts and hinders introverts from bringing out the best in them, but some of the best companies in the world possess this very well.

When designing his workplace, William McKnight, CEO of 3m Corporation, once an hour was angry with good people and left them alone, and he did exactly the same thing at his company. gave 15% free time to work on projects of their choice Even today Google engineers are allowed to work on any side project they wish.

For 20% of your time and if you ever get a chance to visit Google's headquarters in New York, you can see that their workplace is designed in two different ways for extroverts and introverts. Employees can work according to their favorable environment.

Smart Idea #3: Different people do their best in different work environments

Philippe Starck, one of the famous French designers, was completely silent from mid-June to mid-September without talking to anyone.

Used to complete. Desk from 7 am to 7 pm During this time he neither read any magazine nor watched any movie nor joined any party and completely isolated himself from the mainstream thinking that He used to bring out the pure creativity within him and that's how he was able to create many world class creations.

The Design That Made Him World Famous Neuroscientist George Ari Burns discovered from his research that when we experience a social reaction, a small part of our brain called the amygdala becomes very active and As a result we start to feel intense mental pain.

The new designs are called freedom pain and to avoid this mental pain when we are around a group we start copying each other's behavior so that we don't face any kind of social rejection.

So that the thinking and behavior of those around us seems to somehow influence our thinking and behavior. When they had to evacuate, they left.

Not being alone for long If you look at the major religions of the world, you will see that they talk about people leaving their everyday lives and going to a forest or a mountain and living there.

There is something truly amazing in them. For a long time and this is one of the greatest strengths of introverts because they are naturally solitary

Smart Idea #4: Isolation Stimulates Creativity

Many people believe that introverts lack any of the qualities needed to be leaders, so introverts can't be good leaders, but according to Wharton School researcher Adam Grant, the opposite is true.

According to their research, only in some cases did extroverts do better when they were managing people who needed a lot of motivational charisma and that kind of thing to push them on, but extrovert leaders did better when What if they were managing active employees so that employees are full of ideas and ready to go.

And extroverted leaders who wanted to implement what they did did better because they were more likely to let other people run with their ideas, while extroverts could fall into the trap of being too passionate about their own things.

Some of the most transformative leaders of the 20th century rose to their leadership positions almost in spite of who they were. For example, Eleanor Roosevelt Gandhi and Rosa Parks all described themselves as quiet and soft-spoken and shy.

Described as and they all shed light even though every bone in their bodies was telling them not to and it took on a certain power of its own because people could sense they were there not because they had to.

It's fun to watch and not because they enjoy controlling other people who are there because they had no choice and it's a real authenticity that people connect through the engagement they come through.

Are Leadership is status and not through something that is a more obvious leadership skill. The author, Susan, is an introvert herself, but after writing her book in its entirety, she had to speak to a large group of audiences in various venues. I was not her.

Everyone was comfortable speaking in front of a large number of people but as he had no other option, he joined many public speaking courses and eventually mastered the skill. 

TED Talk was praised by Bill Gates himself as one of the best TED Talks he has such.

Smart Idea #5: Introverts Can Also Be a Great leader

So now if I summarize this whole post we have these things today.

Learned from the post of if you want you can pause the post and take screenshot If you are an introvert person you must read this book by susan at least once in your life you read this book in detail You can buy from the link below. 

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