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When we are in love we feel like we are experiencing something unique to ourselves, we focus deeply on our beloved and they provide our thoughts with dreams and actions,

 Do you know Curious why love affects our brains the way you want to cook? 

To understand romantic love so you can keep the feeling of romantic love in your relationship but if you have been rejected by someone you love.

Do you want to know how to move on?

Helen Fisher's book Why We Love is perfect for you. Fisher is an American biological anthropologist who is recognized as a leading authority on the subject of love, so without further ado let's look at some smart ideas from his book on why we love. 

Clever Idea #1: Romantic Love Is Like Cocaine

For thousands of years people have wondered what causes love. Some believe it is a deeply spiritual phenomenon, but modern science has proven that it is the result of chemicals in the brain, specifically love. Experience is caused by three things.

Key Neurotransmitters Dopamine Norepinephrine and Serotonin Dopamine is one of the key neurotransmitters that researchers have found to correlate with feelings of romantic love. In fact, it's the most powerful neurotransmitter responsible for your mood.

Influences motivation and addiction and all the important characteristics of being in love Dopamine helps explain why love is so addictive Researchers have shown that when you're with someone you like.

When you fall in love, you feel like taking a cocaine-like dopamine drug that fills your brain with a sense of euphoria that you can't wait to get rid of.

Why people who are in love feel dependent on their loved ones and want their loved ones just like a drug.

Addicts do with their substances. The next key neurotransmitter involved is no benefit, with effects similar to those of dopamine stimulants, such as heart palpitations with love, difficulty sleeping, and loss of appetite.

Caused by the release of norepinephrine. The last of the key love neurotransmitters is serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for increased anxiety and constant thinking about your beloved, but unlike the other two neurotransmitters, serotonin levels actually decrease when you're in love.

Because serotonin levels are pushed down. Levels of the other two chemicals in this case increase, the less you obsess over your loved one, the less said you are.

Clever Idea #2: We Get Attracted To People Different From Us.

Everyone has a different image of their ideal partner. Meeting people who are different from us is mysterious and novel, which in turn makes them more desirable. This desire for the strange and new is actually hard-wired into our brains.

Novelty can cause increased levels of dopamine to be released, which We have seen that romance leads to feelings of love

 Why does evolution lead to it?

The answer may lie in the connection between our genes and our immune system. The risk of illness and disease is lower than that of the child of these parents. Similar DNA explains why we are attracted to people who are different from us.

Clever Idea #3: We All Have a Unique Love Map

We all have a love map that charts the qualities we find desirable in a romance. What we particularly like in our partners - a big smile, blue eyes or a good sense of humor - these details add up over time to create a map of love that becomes a chart of all these things in our subconscious mind.

There are things like eye and hair color we find most attractive for personality types:

Where does your specific love map come from?

You have personal experiences and are therefore unique to you. No one else will have the exact set of likes and dislikes that you have developed as a result of your unique experiences. Twins will also have similar values and interests.

If you have developed your preferences in love, your love map does exactly what you will love. The map is what guides you to love a particular person.

That you walk into a room full of strangers and you look around and see many potential partners but chances are you won't be attracted to all of them instead of a few or maybe just one. This is the person you will feel strongly attracted to. Which best fits your love chart.

Clever Idea #4: Interesting Dates Can Increase Relationship Satisfaction

We all know that romantic love can flow one day when you feel extremely attracted to someone, the next aloof and indifferent love seems to follow its own rules, but its That doesn't mean it's uncontrollable.

In fact, there are things you can do to keep the flame alive, such as doing new and exciting things. Arousal and its release when you are excited about something new was studied by psychologists Arthur Aron and Donnell in 1974.

Dutton, who had a taste of how interesting situations can stimulate love, conducted an experiment on two bridges, one a less stable concrete bridge and another with a bubble rope bridge across a gorge, on which he asked men to draw a bridge.

Asked to work where a female researcher was waiting for them. He asked them a few questions and then offered to call him if they had any questions for the men who were working in danger.

Bridge was then more likely to call the researcher because the interesting situation they met evoked feelings of romantic love, so if you feel that your feelings for your partner are distant If so, there is one sure thing you can do. Reinvigorate them by trying new and exciting things.

Clever  idea #5: Force yourself to stay active

when you are rejected because most people know that there are few pains more than being rejected by someone you love that can make you depressed and all over. Days just want to lie but need you instead of giving up on yourself. 

Stop wallowing in self-pity and actually take action. It's the only way to ease the pain because being active keeps you busy while you're separated from the one you love when you're rejected. Chemical reactions occur in the brain. 

Just like if you're deeply in love, your serotonin levels drop and you obsessively think about the person who rejected you but you want to connect with your loved one. Instead of approaching him, be firm and keep a distance so that you can touch him with help.

Too many distractions; How do you tell yourself during the day that you won't contact your loved one today and stay busy eg going out with friends and just committing to yourself to continue doing things and work?

 From washing the dishes to going on the go, everyday life chores will keep you busy and help you get away. Another benefit of being active is that it helps lift your mood. See Do something new and exciting, like rock climbing, skateboarding, or bungee jumping.

Jumping will help you deal with your negative emotions, and exercise also helps increase serotonin levels, and some psychologists even say that exercise can help reduce depression with psychotherapy or anti-depressant drugs. 

So if you're feeling down, get up and play something I'll start feeling better right away So now if I had to sum up this whole book in just two lines it would be romantic love some passion No.

 It is as powerful a drive as hunger to which we apply the knowledge of the science of love. Keep the romantic spark alive and deal with negative feelings of rejection as the author said that Leto had the God of Love 2000 years ago.

 In case you want to understand this central quality of human nature romantic love at its roots, I would definitely recommend you to rate this book Why We Love Helen Fisher's book if If you want you can buy this book by following this link. 

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