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When we grow up, we all realize after a certain time that its not important to have so many friends in life, but it's important to have only those who are real friends. Because there is an old saying, "An enemy is better than a fake friend."

Even Gautham Buddha said "In unsankre and ol friend as mode to befard than o ould best; O old best may wound your body, but in ol friend will wound your mind". So it's very important for all of us to recognise a true friend and a fake friend.

And how can you identify so, this is what I am going to share with you in this post. So if you also want to save yourself from those fake friends by recognising them soon, then watch this post till the end. Otherwise you will not get what I am extractly trying to say.

So if you want to understand clearly, I am requesting you to watch the post till the end. Ajit has two close friends. One is ajitbandhu and the other one is ajitsatru.

So after getting a job, ajit went to a restaurant with them to celebrate. There while having their dinner his two friends, ajitbondhu and ajitsotru both congratulated ajit for his success. Both of them told ajit that they were very happy for him.

But looking at their smile, ajit realized a little bit whose smile was fake and whose smile was real. After this, on the next day morning one of their friends sujit came and asked ajitsotru, "Bro, I have just heard that ajit has got a job?"

Then ajitsotru told him, "Oh common, don't you see either he was lucky or he might have bribed someone to get that job. Otherwise how could a guy like him, get that job whereas you, I, nobody of us managed to get it.

So ajitsotro under this fike friend vaf ajit vho infront vaf ajit Alvis tllis under us is ware hoppe for ajit's success but in ralite hai this procession of him and that's why he always try to defame ajit behind his back.

And although ajit has also realized it noticing ajitsatru's fake smile. But still as they are childhood friends ajit decides not to end the friendship with him and which is one of the biggest mistake of ajit's life.

Because as everyone knows that ajitsotru is one of the close friends of ajit, so most of the people believes whatever ajitsotru tells them about ajit. As a result Ajit's reputation went down among many people.

On the other side, when on the next day morning sujit asked to ajitbandhu, "bro, I have just heard that ajit has got a job?

"Thu Ajitfriend Syed To Sujat, " This, Ajit relay job under Disros. He was working so hard to get that job. Hey, has he given treat to you?

Come here, let me give you a treat first for him." So ajitbondhu is that real friend of Ajit who not only just says that he is happy for ajit's success but also he is really very happy from deep inside of his heart.

 So if you also observe carefully, you will also realise hearing the news of your success who has a real smile on face and who has a fake one. Because a person can tells a lie very easily using his words but using one's body language and smile, it's very difficult to lie.

Smart Idea  #1.Notice Their Body Language 

Ajit had a exam which was knocking at the door but he hadn't completed reading anything so far and so he was finding it difficult to concentrate in his studies. So hai thught, "Let me call me two close friends and tilal them abut that problem."

Let's see what they suggest". When ajit called ajitsotru, and told him about the problem, then ajitsotru told him "Chill bro. As you haven't studied earlier, you don't have to study now.'' Hey, let's go to watch a movie. I have heard that Gobinda's Rageela Raja movie is now showing.

" So Ajitsotru is that fake friend of Ajit who never wants that ajit's problems should get solved instead he become happy if the problem gets bigger. On the other hand, when ajit told ajitbondhu about his problem, ajitbondhu said him, " bro your exam is knocking at the door.

So you have to study now although you don't want to do so. Listen, I am sending you Apostol SFLP. Watch that post and then try to study following those steps. See you will be able to concentrate in your studies easily.

" So ajitbondhu is that real friend of Ajit who never wants to see him in any problem. Whenever ajit gets into a problem, he tries to find a solution as soon as possible giving the problem as importance as he gives to his own problems.

Like this, if you are telling one of your friends about your own problems, then notice if he or she gives your problems same importance as his or her own problems. Or he or she just makes fun of it to ignore the problem or if suggests something which will make the problem even bigger instead of solving it.

Smart Idea  #2. Notice How They Treat Your Problems

Notice how they treat your problems One day Ajit saw a YouTube post of SFLP and realised that how much important it is for all of us to exercise daily.

So just like me and you as when we watch any useful post we first share it with our close friends, Ajit also shared that postof SFLP with his two close friends, ajitbandhu and ajitsotru.

After that, ajit called ajitsotru and asked, "bro have you watched the post? I am thinking about going for a morning walk from tomorrow.

" But ajitsotru replied, "bro, please don't send me this type of dash post. Why will you go for a morning walk, like the old people? Have you gone old? For now, just use your hands regularly at night. That's the only exercise for us at this age.

Got it?

" So Ajitsotru is that type of people who believe that they have understood and known everything in this world and the thing they have understood is absolutely correct and so it doesn't matter who says what, even if someone says something with proper scientific evidence still ajitsotru will stick to his own beliefs and not only that, if anyone else also wants to do something good, he will try to resist that person also.

This type of mentality is just like a rotten fruit in a basket which spreads very quickly among the other fruits in the same basket.

So it's always better to keep a safe distance from the people with this type of mentality. Otherwise you will also get rotted. On the other side, when ajit called ajitbandhu and asked, "bro have you seen the post? I am thinking about going for a morning walk from tomorrow."

Ajitbandhu replied, "Bro a don't knoo ho to think u. I was thinking to start going for morning walk for a long time. But I wasn't getting that motivation. Watching thepost of SFLP, I have also decided the same.

So let's start together from tomorrow." That means ajitbondhu is that type of people who believes that there are a lot of new things remaining for them to know, learn and understand. And it's not necessary that the thing they used to believe is anyhow absolutely correct.

They are always ready to correct their mis-beliefs if they get proper logic and scientific evidence. If we hang around with these kind of people, day by day our mentality also start to become just like theirs, and it helps us to reach to a better position in life.

Smart Idea  #3. Notice Their Mentality

It's not necessary that this fake friend will always be someone from your school or college. You may get your relatives or your neighbors in this role also.

On the other hand, it's also not necessary that a real friend will always be someone from your school or college. It may be your parents. And for most of us, our parents are our real friends.

But we become too late to realise this. Elvis Remember Fke Friends Hey Lucke Shadows: Elvis Nehr U At Your Burghiest Moments, Bat Nowshera To Be Sen At Your Darkest Hour.

True friends are like stars, you don't always see them but they are always there at your darkest hour.

So comment below and let me know after watching this post who is that fake friend whom you decide to kick out from your life and who is that real friend with whom you are going to share this post.

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