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Every morning when the alarm goes off, we have to make a very tough decision whether to snooze the alarm and stay in the cozy bed for a few more minutes or to wake up and jump into the uncomfortable everyday life. 

For many, morning has come. It's that time of the day, so here's how to turn those uncomfortable mornings into relaxing ones that I'm going to share with you today from the relaxing book by Jordan Grass.

The author shares a simple five step morning routine that if you follow it you can easily turn those uncomfortable mornings into comfortable mornings.

Let's see the five step morning routine. Here's what the author used to create this five-step morning routine.

1: C Stands For Calm

We all know the importance of calming yourself down by doing some calming activity before a stressful activity like an interview or a race, so it's important to engage in a calming activity before you jump into your stressful daily life.

This meditation can be yoga pranayama or only. Stand on the balcony and look at the beauty of nature for 5 minutes.

Which of these activities will work best for you you can only find by applying trial and error process or you can do it 7 days a week. Can do different things.

So that you can follow the routine without getting bored of it.

2: O Stands For Openness

 Every day we collect a lot of anger, sadness, shame and fear inside us every morning. You have to open your mind.

You can do this in two ways, either by talking to yourself, like using a diary, or by talking to someone else.

So it is important to get rid of it after today.

You can wake up in the morning and talk to that person and forgive them or you can send them a text message and tell them that you were hurt by what they said yesterday and get it out of your mind or maybe yours.

The interview is in the afternoon. If you are feeling very nervous, you can talk to someone close to you and tell them openly how you feel to get it off your mind.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a different type of symbol. Strength because by openly asking for help, you are openly admitting your weakness.

Only many people have the courage to openly admit their weakness.

3: M Stands For Movement


I've been telling you to start exercising for a long time, but you haven't yet.

If there's one common piece of advice in every personal development book, it's to exercise regularly, because exercise is so beneficial that it only makes you feel better.

A five-minute walk or jog, or some simple freehand exercises like push-ups if you can do just that regularly, can significantly boost your energy to tackle your daily grind.

Can also help increase.

4: F Stands For Funny

 It is said that laughter is the best medicine but life slaps us and many times we end up forgetting to laugh from our heart.

Difficult situations can be made easier with the help of a simple smile. face should smile at you and throughout the day when you meet someone for the first time you should greet them with a smile.

This simple act can increase the quality of your relationships with others and yourself many times over. Yes, I hope you will agree with me.

Our smile has a secret positive power so use it to make yourself and everyone else smile when you wake up in the morning.

5: Y Stands For You

 Is there any activity in your life that you really want to do regularly but just can't do it because of lack of time? No need to fight.

The activity in your life may be playing cricket, painting, gardening or something else. You can schedule only morning time to do that activity.

Can fix from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Will you paint?

You won't paint at any other time of the day so you don't miss out on your favorite activity today.

Your brain will wake you up before the alarm goes off so you can turn your morning around.

It ranges from the most uncomfortable time of the day to the most relaxing time so now if I put together this entire post to get you comfortable with your morning routine and ultimately your entire life.

You have to follow this five-step morning routine, let's imagine we're complete. After the alarm goes off, go out together again.

Start with a quiet activity like meditating yoga or standing on a balcony enjoying the beauty of nature with soothing music.

Then you take a diary and spend some time journaling or talking to someone to clear your mind Open up and get those toxic wastes out of your mind after you go to work or do some hands-free exercise and then after you go to wash your hands.

Bison you smile at yourself in the mirror and then help others start their day with a smile by telling or sending some jokes and finally you start doing your favorite activity in life.

For which you have set the time in the morning.

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