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If you were a girl with whom we are talking with this note so botful, you don't fail so she.

But, if they were the girl with whom we were talking with, they were the most beautiful girl in the college and every girl in the college. Under them case forget about approaching each, even of she ask for something was also some of this fail nervous and she.

So why this happens?

The answer is, in those situations where we consider ourselves not worthy or incompatible, if we get into those situations then we start to feel uncomfortable and shy .And if you don't beat your chances, these life notes are girls, but also accept jobs and twenty-nine years.

Wit happens, all tyme tyme in and mind We cap judgng Orslaus And tyther people, And under the wordes We compre Orslaus witha withers.

After these two compresses, we ether put them in a higher position and then put them in a lower position.

Those we put in lower positions are not a problem for us but those we put in higher positions when we go to talk to them. we feel scared and shy.

Here are three possible solutions to this:

 1Thinking yourself equal with everyone

It is no one is greater than you or no one is less than you and 

2. Thinking yourself the greatest

There are leisure options where we call confidence and there are 2nd options where we call workconfidente.We all know that confidence is There are leisure options where we call confidence and there are 2nd options where We all convo under confidence this god but voorconfdanke this note god at all.

If it is under the leisure option, it is under the confidence of the country.

1. Smart Idea  #1

Is it right? Suppose that beautiful girl in your college is sitting in front of you. Now suddenly a pen drops from his bag, she doesn't notice it, but you have noticed it.

Now you are feeling shy to tell her that. You are thinking, who knows what she may think, what if she assume something bad about me.

May be she will not assume something bad, she may be glad also. So, here the main problem is your over thinking.

And the question that will help you to overcome your over thinking is, is it right?

Should I say it?

If the answer you get is, yes I should tell that and also it is right then whatever may be the other person thinks, it should not bother you.

Because you have told it with good intentions, now if the other person makes something different meaning of that then it is his or her problem. You have told what seemed to you right and necessary.

So, why feel shy or scared about it?

Yes if you have done any mistake then that is a different thing. But if something is needed and that is good also then there is no place of being shy about that.

Like some of us even feel shy to go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper for something to buy, why? I need that thing, I am here to buy it with money.

That thing is supposed to be in that shop, and the shopkeeper is sitting there to sell it, so what is here to feel shy about?

In any situation whenever you will feel shy, you have to ask this type of questions to yourself. Only then you can stop over thinking and conquer your shyness.

Smart Idea  #2

Proper dress & hygiene Hertfordshire university's professor Karen Pine had conducted many different researches to find out the effect of our dressing on our self confidence.

She has scientifically described all her research findings in her book "Mind what you wear". You can check the book by following the link given below in the description.

It has been found from her research that when students wore superhero tshirts they perfomed with more confidence in different tests.

On the other hand when the students wore swimming costume to appear in a math test, all of them under performed in that test.

You may also have noticed it yourself, that when you dress well you feel a little more confident.

So it is important to have a good dressing sense to increase your confidence.

Now, how to improve your dressing sense, for that I am sharing some main tips. 

1. Your dress should not be too tight or too loose, it must be well fitted. 

2. You should dress according to the situation. That is, it shouldn't be the case that you are going out with your friends and you have dressed like going for an interview.

3. Most important, the dress should be neat and clean.

4. The color of your dress must be suitable with your skin tone.

Next is hygiene. Your hair, nail, beard all must be well trimmed always.

And it doesn't matter whether your skin tone is fair or dark, it is important that you maintain a well hygiene.

Because suppose someone has a very fair skin tone but his teeths have become yellowish, he knows when he talk, he smells bad, then it is natural he will feel shy to talk with others.

If you are well dressed and you maintain a well hygiene then your self image will be many times improved, which will mainly help you to conquer your shyness.

Smart Idea  #3

Practice Suppose you have never sung even in front of 5 people, and now suddenly if you have to sing in front of thousands of people then it is obvious that you will feel shy.

Because you have no experience in that. In any work, confidence comes from experience. And experience comes from practice.

So, in those situations when you feel uncomfortable and shy, don't run away from them, instead of that try to face them regularly.

If you feel shy to talk with the girls then apply these two smart ideas and make use of those chances instead of avoiding them.

What could be worse?

They may make fun of you, if someone smile because of you then I think it is a good thing. Because not everyone can do that.

So at the end let's quickly sum up the whole post. To conquer your shyness.

1. To stop over thinking ask questions to yourself 

2.  Always maintain proper dress and well hygiene 

3. Don't try to avoid those situations, instead of try to face them. 

As the American rapper Kanye West said, "Believe in your flyness, and conquer your shyness" At last a little request to you.

If you find this post useful, then please share it with your friends. Because by sharing you can also help to change someone's life.

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