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How many times has it happened to you that you started jogging regularly every morning and then suddenly one day you met a friend and said to him that you know I now jog every morning next time I am about to lose 5 kg.

Month and then your friend told you hey that's great I also tried many times to continue jogging every morning but every time after 2 or 3 days I couldn't continue anymore and then after two or three days For some unknown reason, you couldn't even continue jogging after that conversation.

Do you know why?

Research shows that from the moment we talk to someone about our future goals, we We begin to feel a kind of satisfaction and pride within ourselves that is very similar to when we achieve.

Our Goals That's why after telling someone about our future goals, when we realize that it slowly kills our hunger to actually achieve them, we stop making efforts in that direction.

Psychologists call this phenomenon. ena is social reality so share your goals with others only after you have successfully achieved them and also after telling everyone that if you fail to achieve those goals, many lips are waiting to criticize you. shall be.

Smart Idea #1: Never Share Your Future Goals

Suppose you and a friend of yours used to hang out a lot till yesterday. Your friend knew that your monthly salary was more or less the same, so you used to split it equally between the restaurants and pay the bills.

About the promotion he didn't know that now your monthly salary has almost doubled but once yesterday you told him about your promotion then when the bill came he said hey why don't you pay the full bill ?

Someone who earns almost twice as much as I do may come to you today or some day and ask for a large loan in this condition, even though you know that if you lend him that money, he will not pay you back on time.

It will be hard to ignore. money to him because he already knows about your exact income or vice versa your job is gone or your company downgraded now if you tell this to your friend then same.

If you ask him for a large amount of credit out of fear, he will start ignoring you. Just as having too much money is a problem, having too much money is also a problem, so you need to increase your monthly income. Never share with anyone else you face many problems.

Smart Idea  #2: Never Share Your financial Situation

Imagine if no one would know that kryptonite is superman's weakness then can any villain stand up to superman so easily so you should never share your weakness and secret with anyone just in case. If you can trust someone blindly, you can share your secrets or weaknesses with them.

Humans like our parents but sometimes we become best friends so quickly after knowing a person for two or three days and then share all our secrets and weaknesses with them.

Will become the greatest enemy. If someone trusts you and shares a secret with you, you will never share it with others until people stop trusting you.

Smart Idea  #3: Never Share Any Weakness Or Secret

Suppose you have a fight with your wife and you get angry, she tells you that you have time for your family, your friends and everyone except me. And go on listening with friends but after a few days when she is done.

Back to normal with you again you found out that actually he had a lot of work pressure from his office so he had a bit of a dick test so he reluctantly told you that now After knowing that everything has become quite normal between you and your wife.

But if your family and friends are angry with your wife, then new problems start to appear, so if you have a personal quarrel with someone, you should never share it with anyone else because it will make your relationship worse. Can be complicated.

Smart Idea  #4: Never Share Personal Complaints

Imagine how you feel about that person when someone tells you why you keep talking nonsense or makes the same negative judgment about you. Even if someone actually makes a mistake.

And then you make some negative judgment about him, so he can't take it in a positive way, and the thing is, if someone really talks trash all the time, it's better to tell them not to do it anyway. It won't happen, but it will probably make it worse.

So you should never share your negative judgment about anyone because it will increase your number of enemies.

Smart Idea #5: Never Share Negative Judgments

I learned these things from the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese military general who wrote this book in 500 BC and the principles written in this book are still followed by many country's military generals and Players do too.

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