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Everything remains beautiful as long as the relationship between a boy and a girl is only about friendship. All the problems start when they become couples.

Possessiveness begins.

You just have to think about me all day, stay with me all day, talk with me only all time, and so on.

Even if one mistakenly likes someone else's picture, a fight gets started.

This possessiveness gradually becomes a source of contention and tension between the two. But nowadays we mistakenly call this possessiveness love.

Remember, love never wants to bind anyone, it is love that liberates one.

According to the kind of movies and serials that we grow up watching from childhood, a picture of a dream prince or princess is formed in the minds of all of us.

Now after committing to a relationship with someone, if someone suddenly comes in front of us one day who looks similar to the prince or princess of our dream, then wouldn’t we feel attracted to him or her?

Of course, we will, but we will pretend that nothing is happening.

So commitment can never be a sign of true love.

Responsibility and love are two completely different things.

But isn't commitment important?

Of course, it is important, but it is only to maintain order in our society. That is by no means a sign of true love.

A poultry trader takes care of the chickens every day with the responsibility of feeding them on time. In other words, the poultry trader is sufficiently committed to the chickens.

But that doesn't mean he loves those chickens. He is working to make a living. When the time comes, he will take the chickens to the market and sell them accordingly.

Also, many of us think that no matter what happens, always staying together is a sign of true love. Imagine a couple living in a house.

Every day the husband comes home drinking alcohol and grabs his wife and beats her or tortures her mentally. But even then the wife is not willing to separate from the husband.


Because the wife tells herself, that her husband may not love her, but she loves her husband. And so she will be with him always no matter what she has to face.

Imagine you have a disease in one of your hands and if you don't cut that hand off, it will spread all over your body.

Is cutting off that hand an expression of love towards the body or allowing it to grow is an expression of love towards the body?

Getting separated in love often becomes a symbol of true love.

So, no matter what happens, always being together is never a sign of true love.

So what exactly are the signs of true love?

Let's find out, A woman becomes a mother when she comes in contact with her child, a boy becomes a boyfriend when he comes in contact with his girlfriend.

If there is no child then there is no existence of a mother, if there is no boyfriend then there is no existence of a girlfriend.

Until a woman comes in contact with her child, she is not aware of the affection that is hidden in her. Until a boy comes in contact with his girlfriend, the boy himself is not aware of the love that is hidden in him.

That is, the mother finds her existence through her child and a true boyfriend finds her existence through her girlfriend.

When I find my existence through you, that is, I have no existence without you, then that is a sign of true love. So,

Sign #1: I Find My Existence Through You

The child exists because there is a mother. The girlfriend exists because there is a boyfriend. Of Tehre this no matar, Tehre this no child.

If there is no boyfriend, there is no one called a girlfriend. The mother is happy by seeing her child happy, the boyfriend is happy by seeing his girlfriend happy.


Because the child is part of the mother, the girlfriend is everything to the boyfriend. So to the mother, the child means no one else, it is herself.

To a boyfriend, a girlfriend means no one else, that is himself. When you and I are not different, we are the same. Then that is another sign of true love. So,

Sign #2: Your Existence Is Through Me

Mother and child or boyfriend and girlfriend are two different bodies, but the energy that is their source, that energy is one and unique.

And it is not just a spiritual thing, it is also scientifically proven today. The source of all of us is one and unique.

In other words, mother, child, boyfriend or girlfriend are all different forms of that energy. From the source point of view, they are all one.

That is, when I know that the source of both you and me is one and unique, there is no question of any separate existence of the two. And this is the third sign of true love.

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