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A cryptocurrency entrepreneur in Sons recently paid four and a half million dollars for a private lunch with famous investor Warren Buffett just to get his valuable advice. There is no need to pay four and a half million dollars. Here are some great tips from Warren Buffett for young people who want to be rich and successful in life.

Smart Tip  #1

It's better to hang out with people who are better than you than you are to see associates who behave better than you and they will move in that direction as a real-life example of this advice, I have a story with you.

Let me share what Yahoo CEO Marissa once shared. In an interview, Mayer stated that Marissa had a friend named Laura who was a great volleyball player, so Laura was given the choice of joining the varsity team where she would sit on the bench for the year or junior varsity where Laura will start every game. Shocked.

Everyone chose varsity and the next year she came back as a senior med varsity and was a starter. The rest of the players who were on junior varsity were benched for their entire senior year.

How did you find out?

Pick varsity Laura told her that all I knew was that if I had to practice and play with the best players every day, it would make me better, and that's exactly what happened.

Smart Tip  #2

It is always very important to live your life by an internal scorecard and not an external scorecard.

Or would you prefer to know it privately?

You are the best lover in the world, but host is an external scorecard that many people have for what people will think of me.

Who do I operate and the internal scorecard that is more important Am I doing the right thing Am I treating people the right way Is this working for me as a person?

Buffett doesn't care how others see him, instead he stays true to himself and never compromises on his values. They can save but they prefer to live in Omaha.

This independent spirit permeates every aspect of it. Life and even his diet revolved mostly around burgers and Cherry Cokes.

Smart Tip  #3

Be fearful when others are greedy Be greedy when others are fearful when making decisions It is a normal impulse to watch and see what others are doing then it must be right there is no way it can be wrong and if it is our Have the company of many others who have not worked out at least our company.

If all you want in your life is compassion and company then you can do what everyone else is doing but if you want something in life.

If you want to achieve extraordinary you have to do the exact opposite of what the majority are doing because the reality is that the majority cannot do anything extraordinary in their life if you look at the number of people who exercise daily.

If you follow a healthy diet it is less than 1% and if you look at the number of healthy people it is also less than 1% at a young age 99% of young people are involved in all kinds of time wasting activities. They become greedy for pleasure Only 1% of young people can afford to invest consciously.

In return wasting their time so that their future can be bright so only one person gets scared when everyone else is greedy and only that one person my friend can succeed in his life.

Smart Tip  #4

No matter how much talent or effort you have, some things just take time. You can't conceive a baby by impregnating nine women in a month.

The number one reason is because success takes time. With insane dedication and a lot of persistence, people look at a trick played by a magician and want to watch the same shot that a world-class player hits.

A self-made millionaire is driving his luxury car with his beautiful wife sitting next to him and wishing him the same but what they don't see is the insane dedication and tenacity behind it. Nothing comes easy.

Smart Tip  #5

You have to be in control of your time and you can't do it unless you say you can't let people set your agenda in life. Living in a world full of distractions.

And in gatherings there are many things that have little or no importance in our lives and yet we are surrounded by such situations that if you want to control your time, you have to do hundreds of things.

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