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Do you get confused when someone asks you the question:

What do you want to do in your career?

Well, that’s a very common problem among young adults. With so much information on the internet and from people, you are likely to get confused.

The only thing you need to do is analyze yourself strategically. And it’s quite easy to do. In this post, the first aid was SWOT Analysis, which will help you identify your personnel.

Knowing yourself is the most powerful tool you can use to build up your career. As it is rightly said by Robin Sharma: “Self-Mastery is the DNA of Life-Mastery”.

Identifying your true self gives you a purpose and direction in life. SWOT is such a tool for self-identification.

S: Strengths

The S in SWOT stands for Strengths. These are skills or areas you ace at. You are good and confident in these skills. Ask yourself the following questions to identify your strengths:

What do you do well?

What do others appreciate you for?

You should be focusing on your strengths a lot. These are the potential domains where you can make your career. Spend the most time identifying your strengths.

W: Weaknesses Or Work On Areas

The W in SWOT stands for Weaknesses or Work on areas. These are the skills that you aren’t confident about and take a lot of time to complete.

To identify your weaknesses ask yourself the following questions:

Which are the tasks that you couldn’t complete the right way in the past?

Which are the areas you need to improve?

Weak areas should be worked upon little every day to get better at it. But do not focus too much on weak areas instead work upon strengths more.

O: Opportunities

The O in SWOT stands for Opportunities. Opportunities are external factors that will help you succeed. Opportunities can be in the form of a job, business, internship, or volunteering.

You should grab opportunities to get an experience of the real-world industry. To identify the opportunities around you, ask these questions:

Who are the people who can help you get an opportunity?

What are the skills and resources you need to grab an opportunity?

T: Threats

The T in SWOT stands for Threats. Threats can be elements that can negatively impact your career. You usually have no control over threats.

You have to be prepared for any setbacks and challenges with a plan.

To identify your threats, ask these questions:

Who can be your competitors?

How technology can change the requirement of your skills?

Now let’s take a look at an example to get a better example of the SWOT analysis. Assume a person named Raj. Raj is currently studying in a college.

Raj is good at coding skills and knows app development.

So technical skills like coding and programming are strengths for Raj. Raj should build these skills stronger and stronger.

On the other hand, Raj is not good at communication skills. But to get a job Raj will have to give an interview and hence showcase his communication skills.

So, Raj should try to improve his communication skills step by step keeping his main focus on coding. 

There can be various opportunities for Raj like an App Developer in companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. or he can also start his own app development business.

To get the best opportunities Raj will have to grow his network with a lot of people in app development companies. Finally, there can also be some threats for Raj.

These can be software made using Artificial Intelligence which can develop an app faster without needing to code.

Now, Raj will have to take care that his creative skills and management skills are better than software. This way he can secure his career in app development.

So, this is how Raj can plan his career using the SWOT analysis. To summarize, 

SWOT stands for:

  • S – Strengths
  • W – Weaknesses/ Work-on areas
  • O – Opportunities
  • T – Threats

You can download the infographic summary from the link in the description.

Make sure to do a SWOT analysis for yourself and get better clarity for your career. And always remember, “If It Doesn’t Challenge You It Doesn’t Change You”..

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