Top 4 Ideas Conquer your Biggest Fear - Task4B2B

"He plays so well, why can't you play like him?"

Mr. Sharma's Sun Hus Skord So Will In Eshams, Whe Kin't You Get True Good Grades?"

All these things are the root of all fear within us. A man compares himself in 3 ways: first, with others, second with certain situations, and third, with himself.

There are some people whose purpose of life is to become more successful than the people around them or earn more money than others.

It means if a friend of his is doing a job of 10 thousand rupees, although he has the talent to do a job of 50 thousand rupees, but only to earn more than his friend his only target is to do a job of 11 thousand rupees.

And what will happen in these truths?

This guy will always be scared of what will happen if someone beats him. If he loses his job, he will lag behind his friends.

These people fall in the first category who always keep comparing themselves with others and spend their whole life in fear. There are some people who do not care what others do.

They only have to please a particular person, such as their parents. They also remain scared always because they think that my parents are happy with the work I am doing.

But if I do the work that I want to do with all my heart and a negative result comes out, then what will my parents say. They will be sad.

And this way they could not do the work they want to do wholeheartedly throughout their life. This is another category of people who keep comparing themselves with any situation.

Now let's come to the third type of people. They are very interesting. They do not care much about what matters to others nor do they care about any situation.

They just want to beat themselves. For example, if someone got 98% in the last exam, then he tries to score 99% in the next exam.

It doesn't matter how much he gets, he will always be unsatisfied with it and remain worried or scared. 

What if I get poorer marks than the last time?

They will never be happy. They will keep asking for more than what they have throughout their life.

So, they will constantly compare themselves and remain worried. Now there are some people, although they are very rare, who do not really care about how much others are earning.

It doesn't even matter what their present or past situation was. These people do the work that they want to do from the heart, and do not care much about the future.

Neither do they have the greed to win nor do they have any fear of losing anything. Because of this such people are fearless. And these people are unstoppable in their respective fields. 

They only listen to their heart. And they continue to do what comes from within, regardless of the outcome. There are 3 types of people in every field.

The ones who are failure, who fear the most. And ironically these people also consider themselves to be the most intelligent ones by their brains. Then there are people who are mediocre.

They somehow manage to survive in life and struggle a lot. And the third ones are unstoppables who believe themselves to be intelligent by heart.

So if you want to become unstoppable, then you have to stop comparing and open your mind. So,

Smart Idea #1: Comparison Is The Root Cause Of All Fears

Look at any miracle in the world. The main source of power behind all of those is the power of faith, not intellect.

There is no such work in the world in which you put all your faith and all your attention and still it cannot be done .

Now you may say, that if it is so, can I also fly using the power of faith?

The answer is yes, you can. Just put all your faith and concentrate your full attention to it and see what happens then.

Really, if you want to fly or want to excel in any work, then you should try to do that with all your attention and faith. But if you have any slight doubt in your mind then you can never do that.

If you put all your faith and attention in some work, then this limited mind will find such extraordinary ways that you will also be amazed. So

Smart Idea #2: Faith Is Greater Than Intellect

If we catch cold or have headache right now, then we get upset and start thinking why is this happening to us.

But actually something is going wrong in the body, due to which the body is giving a signal in this way. Or it is healing us from within for our good. So this is actually good, not bad.

You are getting to know that something is going wrong in your body. Just like if you fail in any exam, it means that what you are studying is not for you and you should try something else, or may be you are not studying properly.

It means, it is just a signal that is warning you. Take any of your bad experiences from your past for an instance and look at it.

You will find out that it had happened because something good was to happen.

So do not be afraid of bad experiences, just try to find out what is going wrong. So,

Smart Idea #3: Every Bad Experience Is a Hidden Blessing

If you are thinking of leaving your job, then make sure that your desire to leave that job is greater than the desire to stick to that job.

It means if your job is good, your boss is also good and you are enjoying the work reasonably, but still you are thinking of leaving it, just to try something else because someone else is doing something else. 

Then you will get into problems.

But if you completely hate your job, if you feel that something is missing in your life and you are craving to do something else and becoming restless, then you need not to think that much.

Kick that job and just listen to your heart. Because the true purpose of life is to be happy and not to live like a living corpse for the rest of your life.

So there is no need to do anything until the desire to change becomes much bigger than the desire to remain the same. Because if the desire is burning then anything is easy. So,

Smart Idea #4: Your Desire To Change Must Be Greater Than Your Desire to Remain The Same

So let's summarize all the smart ideas in this post once again.

  • 1: Comparison is the root cause of all fears
  • 2: Faith is greater than intellect
  • 3: Every bad experience is a hidden blessing
  • 4: Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to remain the same

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