We all love a well-planned and organized day, a day where all our tasks get completed. That’s called a perfect day! But the harsh reality is we don’t usually have a perfect day. And it’s completely normal but what we can try is to come as much close as to ‘a perfect day’.

The reason we are not able to complete most of our tasks is the wrong way of planning the day. Let’s accept the fact that life does not always turn out to be as planned and hence we tend to get distracted from our tasks.

This post talks about 4 techniques you can use to schedule your day and get the most out of it. The first technique is the Task Management Quadrant. In this quadrant, the tasks are categorized into 4 parts. 

Part 1 is the tasks that are important and as well as urgent.

These tasks can be related to your studies, work deadlines, or health. These tasks should be managed quickly and neglecting these tasks can have a negative result immediately.

Part 2 consists of the tasks that are important but not urgent.

These tasks may include learning new skills, reading books, meditation, etc. Procrastinating on these tasks may not have an immediate impact but in the long term can lead to problems. Hence, these tasks should be focused upon utmost.

The third category is not important but urgent. This can include any sudden party plans with friends or trips. Once in a while, it is good for a change, but try to avoid it as much as possible. The fourth and final quadrant is neither important nor urgent tasks.

These tasks can include all the entertainment activities like watching Netflix or movies, browsing social media, etc. Dedicate only a small amount of time in a day and limit yourself to that for these tasks.


Technique number 1 is: Use the Task Management Quadrant

The next technique you can use to prioritize your tasks is the ABCDE Model by Brian Tracy. Whenever you make a task list for the day, you need to prioritize tasks as well by the letter A, B, C, D, or E.

  • A category tasks are highly important and you must do them anyhow.
  • B category tasks are relative of less priority than the A ones but still, you should try to them.
  • C category tasks are of the lowest priority.
  • D category tasks include the ones which you can assign to others and they can do equally well. Delegate the D category tasks to others.
  • E category tasks are the ones that do not matter and hence, eliminate them.

The rule for the ABCDE Model is that you can complete the B category tasks only after all the A category tasks are completed.

And you can do the C category tasks only when the B ones are finished. This model serves as an excellent tool to prioritize your daily tasks. So,

Technique number 2 is: Use the ABCDE Model

Furthermore, Brain Tracy has written the international bestseller book Eat that Frog. The Frogs indicate your most vital tasks of the day. You should eat the biggest frog first thing in the morning. Meaning that you complete the most important and biggest task first in the day.

This way you have already tackled one of the biggest challenges of the day. This leads to better productivity and hence leading to greater results.

For more knowledge, you can buy the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy from the link in the description. So,

Technique number 3 is: Complete the biggest and most important task first

The final concept you can use to schedule your day is called A Power List. Power List is a concept developed and popularized by Andy Frisella who is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and author.

A power list is a normal task list containing only 5 crucial tasks for the day. Andy Frisella believes you should only focus on the 5 most impactful tasks in a day. More tasks don’t mean more success. Instead, focusing on just 5 tasks rather than 10 or 15 tasks improves the quality of work you do.

If you are able you finish those 5 tasks, you win the day. If you are not able to complete any one or more tasks, you lose.

This makes your day like a game and you give your best shot to win the day. However, even if you lose don’t worry.You always have the next game to play that is the next day waits for you! So,

Technique number 4 is: Make a Power List

Now, let’s quickly summarize the 4 techniques we discussed so far.

  • Technique number 1: Use the Task Management Quadrant.
  • Technique number 2: Use the ABCDE Model.
  • Technique number 3: Complete the biggest and most important task first.
  • Technique number 4: Make a Power List

Nothing is more satisfying than completing your tasks and making your day as you planned. I hope you found this video helpful. Thank you for watching! More wisdom, more solution, better life!

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