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Brain Dose Presents: 10 Things Highly Successful People Do to Achieve Their Goals Did you know that certain personality traits are more accurate predictors of success than actual intelligence? 

Researchers have found similar patterns in the attitudes and habits of highly successful people, which may have contributed to their success.

Number 1: Write It Down

Success starts with a desire and a vision of what we want to achieve. Highly successful people list their goals, tasks, and improvements.

They like to review their progress, and make notes of things that need more work.

Number 2: Start with the Most Important Tasks

Mornings are the best time to focus. We feel more refreshed, energetic and optimistic. Highly successful people devote the first hours of their day to working on their highest priority tasks.

They manage to wake themselves up early and follow a strategic morning routine.

Number 3: Follow a Routine

It sure sounds like fun to be spontaneous every day. However, highly successful people prefer a spontaneous routine. By implementing simple routines in their daily lives, they save time and energy. 

Number 4: Live By Schedule

Highly successful people value time. It is important to know how important it is to succeed.

They follow a strict schedule, and ensure that every commitment is completed on time. While planning their schedule, they also ensure that it is realistic and doable.

Number 5: Keep Learning

Highly successful people never stop learning. They try to find as many life lessons as possible in every experience they have.

They also make good use of their free time with activities that broaden their knowledge - such as reading, learning about current events in the world, or attending seminars.

Number 6: Make Health a Priority

Highly successful people take good care of their health by leading a balanced lifestyle.

This includes eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a regular physical exercise routine, and giving yourself plenty of time to rest and recharge on a regular basis.

Number 7: Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

As the saying goes: "Your network is your net worth"! And highly successful people understand the importance of networking.

These individuals like to connect and make friends with people in their work groups and industry, as well as in their community.

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Number 8: Engage in Productive Hobbies

Highly successful people choose activities that are productive in some way. Be it painting, writing or golfing, they ensure that the time spent is entertaining as well as engaging.

Their hobbies not only provide entertainment but also help in increasing skills and productivity. 

Number 9: Investing Money

The best opportunities to earn more come from investing money for profit. Highly successful people increase their income and savings by spending money to make more money.

They know exactly when to invest for big returns. At the same time, they also know when to cut costs. 

Number 10: Learn from Failure

Failure is just a learning experience on the road to success. Highly successful people don't beat themselves up over the same mistakes over and over again.

They simply admit their mistake, plan a better course of action, and try again. Failures do not discourage them, but rather fuel their willpower and passion to do it the next time.

Which of these important practices are part of your daily life? 

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