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Presents Brain Food: 10 Struggles for Only the Smartest It's not always easy to be smart. If you are a highly intelligent person, these challenges can make you feel lonely and isolated. Here are your most common struggles...

#1: You Don't Like Small Talk

Engaging in small talk about normal things can be really hard for you. This is because your mind is filled with so many great ideas!

Subjects you are likely to be interested in include science, art or philosophy. Small talk like this makes you feel like you're wasting your time.

What you really want is a like-minded person to bounce ideas off of - about important things.

#2: You Think More Than You Speak

Your mind is ready to explore all possible solutions and answers to a problem. It may take you longer than a person of average intelligence to form an opinion or draw a conclusion.

Also, if you're not completely sure you've got the right answer or a brilliant idea, you won't speak at all. Most of the people around you are not aware of the way your thought process works.

They get confused and may even think you're weird, inconsistent, or uninterested.

#3: You Get Bored Easily At Work

You are more likely to struggle throughout the day to finish your tasks. Your mind needs to be constantly challenged with new ideas and projects.

Your once-interesting work turns into mundane and boring because you've exhausted all possibilities of being creative with it.

Also, your boss probably isn't too concerned about your need for constant brain stimulation, and just wants to work.

#4: You Suffer Analysis By Paralysis

You like to be aware of all the pros and cons before making a decision. This can often prevent you from making a decision altogether!

That's because you overanalyze and let potential "what if" scenarios get the better of you. It could also be because you are a perfectionist, and just want to make sure you get the best possible result.

Unfortunately, people mistake this trait for laziness - which makes you feel inferior.

#5: You're Socially Awkward

This struggle comes as a result of all of the ones just mentioned.

If you feel awkward during small talk, avoid speaking if you're not sure, don't get swayed by tired ideas, or if you're more comfortable with ideas than with action - people like you. described as "socially awkward".

However, this only puts more pressure on you, and makes you feel more self-conscious about your social behavior.

#6: You Find It Hard To Make Friends

You find it hard to make friends. Just because you don't like small talk or spontaneous adventures. You really don't mind spending time alone.

But, if you don't have like-minded people to call friends, life can be very lonely, and you'll be at risk of depression.

However, on the other hand, you find peace in your work and devote more time to achieving success in your field.

#7: It's Hard For You To Find Love

You are much more cautious, analytical and independent than most people. Because of this, you are often mistaken for cold and high maintenance.

Additionally, you can sometimes be impulsive, causing your love interest to fade away quickly.

#8: You Don't Have Much Fun

You can't bravely find or try something new just because you feel like it. Analysis comes into play here again. You will think about something until you literally knock yourself out of it.

If something is a little dangerous, but can still be a lot of fun, you won't even consider it. In your mind, the danger will be more than a joke.

#9: Everyone Notices Your Mistakes

You wish you didn't have to prove your intelligence to people all the time. But, because of your gift, it's much more predictable. And, people notice your every little mistake!

This is difficult for an intelligent person like you, because it increases your fear of failure and furthers your perfectionism. You base your worth on your intelligence, so making mistakes can hurt you badly. 

#10: You Are Under Pressure To Succeed

You feel superior to other people. You can see and understand things that people around you cannot. You know the direction your life is going, and it should go in a different direction than everyone else! 

These things include a better career, more money and better relationships. But, if your life doesn't take the path you think it deserves, you criticize and attack yourself.

Which of these struggles resonates with you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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