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How To Know If You're Smart - 10 Signs You're Not As Smart As You Think! The word SMART is often used to describe someone who has or displays a quick intelligence.

And naturally, we all want to be perceived as smart people!

However, if you exhibit the following symptoms, you may not be as smart as you think you are!

But, don't worry!

Even if some of the following traits apply to you, just by being aware of your weaknesses, you will at least be able to improve yourself! So let's get to it!

#1: You Talk More Than You Listen

Are you an active listener or an endless babbler?

The answer says a lot about how smart you really are! If you always talk only about your problems and successes, other people will stop coming to you to talk about anything.

If you want to listen, give others the privilege of listening. Expand your sphere of influence and learn from those with different perspectives and experiences.

#2: You're Always Right

Although it may be hard for you to admit, I hate to break it to you - but you're not always right! The truth is, you can always meet someone who has more insight than you on a particular topic.

The best way to deal with this existential crisis is to acknowledge this fact, and use it to increase your sanity. So, stop pretending that you know everything and just humble yourself in front of others. 

#3: You Show Off Only The Good

When you meet new or important people you just show up, it's always good to put your best foot forward.

However, if you hide your true self, or worse, you lie – just to create a better impression, you are definitely not doing yourself a favor!

Smart people value the truth, and know better than to hide it for the sake of being accepted. Instead of just showing your good side, be true to yourself and others.

#4: You Are Always In a Conflict

Do you find yourself in a constant state of argument?

Is it more important to you to be right than to find a solution to a problem?

If so, chances are you either created a conflict, or you added fuel to the fire and made it worse!

Smart people either do their best to help end the conflict, or, they just don't get involved when there's nothing they can do.

So, try to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

You can use all that energy in more productive ways.

#5: You Fear Change

If you generally reject new ideas, or feel threatened by them - especially without understanding their purpose - your intellect may not be appreciated as much as you will want Smart people have the ability to adapt to changes and take control of their future.

So, keep an open mind, and learn to embrace change instead of fearing it.

#6: You Discourage Others

If you tend to tell others that their ideas or problems aren't worth your time, you're completely discouraging them. Smart people actually help motivate others by paying attention.

So make a conscious effort to listen to other people, and encourage them by sharing your knowledge and giving positive advice.

#7: You feel threatened by disagreement

Do you feel threatened by people, groups, or news that make you insecure about your beliefs or ideas? 

Do you like to be with people who like to agree with you, and rarely try to challenge your common sense?

This is also known as a form of "confirmation bias". Smart people can get the better of this cognitive bias, and they don't let it affect their judgment.

So open your mind, and don't be afraid to explore other perspectives.

#8:You Prefer Lowbrow Entertainment

Do you spend hours watching reality TV shows?

Are you satisfied with entertaining, yet thought-provoking reading material?

If so, then you are blocking your ways of expanding your horizons! Smart people thrive on reading books and watching movies that stimulate their creativity and make them think and question.

So challenge yourself with some tough subjects, or a few hours of intellectual reading.

#9: You're Always So Busy

Do you find yourself racing against the clock and running from one crisis to another?

Sometimes being overworked can be an inevitable part of our lives. But, if this is a recurring theme, you're not as smart as you think you are!

Smart people are never busy making good decisions, listening or learning. So, put more emphasis on being effective. Get more rest, and spend more time on the things that really matter in life.

#10: You use your Intelect To Intimidate Others

Do you enjoy making fools of others?

Well, if you go out of your way to bully others out of your wits, you actually come across as an arrogant ass – giving off the exact opposite impression you were hoping for!

Also, this type of behavior is tantamount to bullying. Humility is the answer. Being polite not only makes you morally superior, but also makes others respect you more.

The takeaway from this list is pretty straightforward.

If the opinions of those around you differ from the self-image you've created in your mind, it may just be a sign that it's time to examine yourself, and perhaps implement some of the changes just mentioned. Start importing!

So how smart are you?

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