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10 Things That Frighten Narcissists - Their Worst Fears Revealed! All of us have fears, but somehow narcissists have no fear. When confronted, they will even say they don't care.

But, this is how they appear. In fact, these people are very fragile people with low self-esteem, and there are many things that scare narcissists to their core!

Because of their inflated ego and lack of concern for anything but themselves, their fear is actually quite easy to identify. Here are the top 10!

#1: Getting Exposed

Exposure Narcissists thrive on delusions of self-worth.When they look in the mirror, they only see what they want, and they see themselves as perfect. They expect nothing but praise from everyone around them.

A narcissist's biggest fear is being exposed for who they really are. They cringe at the thought of telling someone that they actually have flaws.

They always do what benefits themselves the most and it scares them to be exposed. They hate being called out on their abuse.

This makes them angry and they never want to be held accountable for their actions.

#2: Failing

Unsuccessful narcissists are obsessed with materialism. They derive their respect from objects, appearance and wealth. But, failure is something that scares these people incredibly. Be it career, hobby or anything else. They cannot step back.

Losing all their money or getting pushed out by a company they've worked for their entire lives is something that scares them. If they are not 'successful' in life, it is over. Nothing else matters to them. 

#3: Aging 

An aging addict usually gets worse with age because with age comes many negative things that they cannot easily handle. They are completely obsessed with themselves and are really concerned about their physical appearance. 

They want to be young and dominate others. So, when the signs of aging begin to show, they become angry, frustrated and eventually depressed. And so, the older they get, the crankier they get. 

#4: Commitment

Commitment Narcissists are often characterized by an inability or inability to pursue meaningful and lasting relationships. 

Of course, the reasons for this are pretty obvious… to be in a relationship, you have to let your guard down, and that's what really scares narcissists. 

Being in a relationship means that your partner gets to know you, including your flaws and embarrassments. For narcissists, letting people see the flaws in their character seems simply unimaginable, even terrifying! 

#5: Being Disrespected

Nobody likes to be dishonored, but a narcissist fears it more than others. They feel that they will die when someone disrespects them. 

They believe that their opinion is more important than anyone else's and that everyone should kiss the ground they walk on. 

So, when someone disapproves of their words or actions, they will do anything to disprove them. They will deny what you say, they will lie and try to spin it to make it appear that you are the villain. 

They will even mock you for not being able to see their greatness. 

#6: Being Made Fun Of 

a narcissist will make fun of everyone around them and they love to play all the jokes. But, when the tables are turned, even if you're joking, you can't stand to make fun of them. 

They just can't accept that they have flaws, much less laugh at them. They're really sensitive like that because deep down, they know they're flawed, so when someone pays attention to those flaws, they really get worked up. 

#7: Being Ignored

Being Ignored When you ignore a narcissist, things can get ugly quickly. They want your attention, and they want it all, now! If they don't have your attention, they throw a fit. 

They feel that whatever they have to say matters more and is more important than anything else, and they don't care if they're interrupting you, no matter what you're doing. They will be hated rather than ignored. That way, they are still getting something from you.

#8: Abandonment

Abandonment If an addict feels like they are losing grip, in the sense that someone is abandoning or abandoning them, they act out and try to convince you to stay. 

They will do whatever they can. That is why suddenly, they are kind to you. It's not because they've miraculously changed or have any remorse for their actions. 

They need you! Because when someone leaves a narcissist, they are forced to confront their own emptiness. 

#9: Rejection

They get angry when they are rejected. They make threats and will do anything to make you feel bad. Then after that, they will also spread negative things about you. 

You see, when you reject a narcissist you are rejecting the person they want to be. This contradicts their reasoning for their entire existence. 

 #10: Passing Away

Narcissists always like to feel like they have control over everything, and that this is the ultimate thing they can't control, so they fear dying. Of course, this is all due to selfishness. 

They don't see it as the end of their lives, but rather the end of an illusion they worked hard to maintain throughout their lives. 

You see, there are many things that scare narcissists. But what it all comes down to, is their constant need to control everything. 

And if you take away that control, they have nothing. 

Does this sound like someone you know? 

We'd love to hear about it.

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