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10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends Friendship is perhaps one of the deepest bonds in human life. It is built through mutual trust, unconditional support and selflessness. 

It doesn't matter if you have a thousand friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever. I mean seriously, how many of them do you talk to and hang out with? In general, smart people have fewer friends. 

They understand the importance of having true friends, and they value those friendships deeply. Yes, the smarter you are, the fewer friends you have, and here's a list of reasons that explain why! 

#1: See Through People 

Having above average intelligence means that you can easily detect people with "try hard" personalities, and you keep your distance from them. 

You refuse to associate with such people just for the sake of popularity. You think they're social climbers, and they're not worth your time. 

#2:Verbally Liberated

Although your actions may be contrary to those of your friends, you have a strong mindset, and the freedom to express your own thoughts and ideas. 

Your mind is not limited, and you always have something to say! You think differently than others, but you are not bothered by their opinions. 

#3: Don't Fear Missing Out 

You try to keep up with what everyone is doing, but you don't enjoy engaging in silly conversations. You don't really care about the latest trends, and you're not too interested in materialistic things.

Since you are quite content in doing your job, you have no fear of missing out. 

#4: More Observant Than Most

You find yourself sitting back and just observing everything around you. Constant postings on social media, scandals and offensive behavior push you away, as you look further into life. 

You believe in radiating the energy you want to be around. You are humble and encouraging to everyone, but you don't invest your time and trust in people who don't deserve it. 

#5: Don't Get Involved In Drama

The unnecessary dilemma that comes with the drama, distracts you. You have enough on your plate, and you don't need more from anyone else. 

Other people can think whatever they want, and because you don't feel the need to accept them, you refuse to get involved. 

#6: Don't Need To Prove Worth 

You are grateful for the little things and are quite content with what you have. 

Because you can support yourself, you don't rely on others, and you don't need to prove your worth to anyone. 

#7: Cautious of others 

You already know who your true friends are, so you don't really feel the need to make new friends. You are very careful when letting people into your life, unless someone is compatible with you. 

And by that I mean: they think the same, share the same ideas and have the same values. But, you still evaluate them in situations to see if it's really about you, as a person, or something else in their agenda. 

#8: Others Find You Intimidating 

You usually keep to yourself, but you are a force to be reckoned with! You're not afraid to speak the truth, or to someone when they're out of line. And because of that, people often see you as a threat. 

But, there are some people who can see you for who you really are. These are the people you invest your time and effort into. 

#9: Aren't Easy To Understand


Let's face it, most geniuses are lonely, and very few people understand and accept them. This can be difficult for an intelligent person! 

You seem to live in your own little world, and social activity is more like a distraction than the essence of life. In fact, the more you have to interact with others, the less yourself you will feel. 

#10: Focus on Goals 

You feel uncomfortable sharing your dreams and visions with narrow-minded people. You work hard to achieve your goals and you have no time for failures, so spontaneity is out of your vocabulary! 

Because of this, people think you are tough, but in reality, you are just focusing on your goals. Researchers believe there may be a conflict between the way we evolved and the fast-paced lives we live. 

Intelligent people are better able to adapt to modern life, and are less bound to the evolutionary predictions of humanity. 

This means they don't need as much social interaction. So, if you only have a few close friends, don't despair. You are probably really smart! what do you think

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